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Henry and Brad trick Jack into going to Yo's where Luke, Brian, Holden and Noah join them for Jack's bachelor party. Brad's surprise stripper emerges and taunts the groom.

As she dances for the guest of honor, a tipsy Brian encourages her.

Noah is sympathetic when Luke complains about fighting the urge to drink but eventually, Noah leaves.

Meanwhile, Vienna and Katie force an unsuspecting Janet to Metro where they surprise her with a bachelorette party of their own.

As Carly drinks at the bar, the women make jokes about the many wives Jack has had in his young life.

Suffering from the effects of the alcohol, Carly watches Janet receive a new collection of lingerie from her friends so she interrupts and makes fun of Jack's sex life too.

Hearing Jack's at his own party, Carly hurries to Yo's so Lily calls Holden to warn him. Outside the bar, Holden tries to stop her from bothering his friend.

She viciously screams at him and accuses him of trying to save his own marriage by keeping her away from Jack.

Jack finally greets her and hits the dance floor with her once before he takes her home. When she falls to the floor crying over losing him, Jack follows her in and carries her up to bed.

He lies down with her for a minute and tells her this is the last time they'll be in bed together. He then returns to his bride-to-be and assures her that she is the only woman for him.

When Brian admits he's had too much to drink, Luke reluctantly offers to take him home. There, Brian suddenly decides to kiss him but as Luke tells him he shouldn't do this, Holden and Lily arrive.

Later, Luke vows to tell Lucinda if he comes on to him again.

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