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Before the wedding, Brad assures Liberty he doesn't mind if she seeks advice from Jack. However, he asks her not to call him "dad."

Recounting how Janet came to Oakdale originally to find Brad, both agree things worked out for everyone.

Stopping by to pick up her wedding dress, Janet refuses to accept a hungover Carly's excuse for coming on to Jack last night and warns that it can never happen again.

However, she does hint that they can be friends once Carly's used to the idea of their marriage. Carly brings Sage to Holden and Lily's for the wedding but decides she can't face the groom and runs off.

Lily chases after her and insists she come back for her kids' sake.

When Parker asks for his punishment for trying to forge a check to help Janet, Jack instead asks him to be his best man.

He explains that his father Hal was a hero of his and he wants him with him today. As Liberty smiles, Brad offers to walk Janet down the aisle.

Boasting that he knows he's lost Meg, Craig faces off with Paul about how he helped Dusty and assures him that he never meant him any harm, this time.

When he offers to talk with Meg, Paul is outraged. Jack heads off Craig when he arrives at the house, looking for Meg.

Jack tries to send him away but Paul jumps him and starts fighting.

Paul blames Craig for their troubles but Meg asks him to stop blaming others. She admits that she's afraid of him and asks him for a divorce.

After Paul leaves, the ceremony gets underway.

Once Jack and Janet are married, Carly ends up at the Lakeview where Craig offers to buy her a drink.

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