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Paul's vision of James urges him to fake an overdose to win Meg back. Paul calls his mother in hopes that she'll run to tell Meg of her concern.

He heads to the cabin and there, the vision of James convinces Paul to swallow the entire bottle of pills.

At the farm Holden advises Meg of his concern that she may take Paul back but Meg insists she's ready to let him go.

Barbara arrives in a panic and pleads with Meg to go find her son.

After finding a goodbye note at Fairwinds, Meg rushes to the cabin where she finds Paul unconscious.

She tries to drag him out to the car but suddenly goes into labor.

Lily has a laugh when Bonnie claims her marriage is the ideal she looks to when thinking about her own relationships.

Meeting Derek for the first time, Lily explains his confusion when she explains that the woman he met in New Jersey was her twin Rose.

Hearing he last saw her about 20 years ago, Lily wonders how close he was to Rose and shows them both a photo of Jade.

She asks if he might be her father but Derek insists Rose never told him she was pregnant and won't pursue it unless Jade asks.

Holden urges Lily to forget about Jade's "father" for fear Lily may have the same problems she did after Rose died.

Derek tells Bonnie that while he did care for Rose, he's never wanted children. He urges her to forget about Jade but when she won't, he walks out.

Ignoring her husband, Lily learns from Bonnie that she's wanted for questioning about an armed robbery in Miami.

Meanwhile, Jade sneaks into Lily's place.

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