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Bonnie decides to enlist Derek's help finding Robby who got Jade in trouble in the first place. When Bonnie can't, Lily turns on the charm and gets him to investigate.

He insists that no one tell him about his relationship with her mother. Jade resents his questioning about her friendship with the drug user.

Derek gets a lead on Robby but warns Bonnie and Lily that jade may be in jail over the holidays. Revealing that Paul thought she was Jennifer and that Barbara is having her son committed, Josie suggests to Dusty that they tell him about the baby.

Instead, Dusty thinks just the opposite in order to protect Meg and her baby. Holden visits Meg and congratulates her, promising plenty of help once she comes home.

She defends her decision to rely on Dusty and points out that he not only saved her life, he also saved Eliza's. Holden thanks Dusty for all he did but announces that the Snyder family will take care of Meg from now on.

Barbara is unnerved when Paul asks her where Jennifer went.

Later, she is thrilled to meet her granddaughter and holds her for the first time as Dusty watches. She agrees with him that they not tell Paul about the birth.

Josie returns to Paul and when he guesses that the baby's cries he keeps hearing are from his own, he demands that she take him to her. Meg is surprised to see him and introduces Eliza to him.

Staring at her, Paul assures her she has nothing to fear from him.

Dusty spots her standing guard and complains about what she has done. Paul becomes hysterical as he worries that James may take his baby.

Barbara signs the commitment papers and, as Paul's taken away screaming Meg's name, Josie watches Dusty comfort Meg.

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