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Liberty helps her mom pick out a wedding dress but Janet worries about the cost. J.J. has a great opportunity at an exclusive boarding school, but Jack is astounded that Carly wants half the $10,000 tuition now.

When Sage comes home, Jack invites her to be a flower girl in the wedding. He's amazed later to see the wedding dress Janet picked out costs as much as his son's tuition.

When he asks Carly for the check back, she resents him spending so much money on Janet but Jack tells her it's none of her business.

Later, Carly attacks Janet who insists she never looked at the price tag. She orders Carly to stay out of her life.

Jack assures Janet she can have the wedding she wants. After seeing Paul lying on the floor, covered in his own blood, Meg works frantically to try to save his life.

Dusty insists that he shot Paul after he tried to attack him with the axe. Paul calls him a liar. Dusty confronts Emily in her office and demands to know where Josie is.

Emily denies knowing anything about her.

Learning Josie checked out of the Lakeview, Dusty calls her cellphone and both are surprised when Josie answers.

She agrees to meet him at Yo's. There, she apologizes for what she did and claims that when they had sex, it was her, Josie Anderson, making love to him.

He admits that he shot Paul but when she offers to stay to help him with his legal troubles, Dusty orders her to leave town and never come back. When a police officer arrives, Dusty slips out.

Emily gets a moment with Paul before surgery and asks her not to say anything to Meg.

Meg questions her so Emily suggests that Paul "went off the deep end" because of his past loss of Jennifer.

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