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As the World Turns
July 1, 2008 Recap

Today on As the World Turns ...

Tom and Margo insist Casey stay for their 25th anniversary party but he refuses because of the way they treated Alison. Tom points out the judge ruled in Chris' favor and Margo claims this is all about Emily.

Casey threatens to tell the real reason he's upset but Emily barges in and spoils his plan to confess his feelings for her.

Cole is suspicious when Sofie gives him a hard time about looking into her locked "memory box" and hints that he'll tell Paul she's carrying his baby if she doesn't come through with some money.

After urging her son not to tell Meg that Sofie's pregnant, Barbara lies that her doctor says she doesn't have long to live. She goes on to ask them to marry ASAP or she won't be at the ceremony.

Meg falls for the scheme which shocks Paul. At the farm, Mike is surprised to hear about the quickie wedding plans for today.

Barbara confronts Sofie at her hotel room and warns her to stay away from Paul and Meg or she'll make sure she never comes near anyone again.

As she leaves, Lisa overhears her threaten Sofie but backs her friend. Frightened, Sofie turns to Mike and leaks that she's carrying Paul's baby.

Casey confronts Emily at the office and pleads with her to tell everyone about their relationship. Emily refuses because Margo would take Daniel away from her.

He denies it so Emily confesses that his mother knows she's been a prostitute. Guessing he's disgusted, she orders him to get out but Casey insists he loves her for who she is now.

Later, Margo stops by the office and warns Emily to end whatever is going on between her and Casey or she'll tell Tom her secret.

As Paul tells Barbara he's got to let Meg know Sofie's pregnant, Mike leaks the news to Meg. Cole demands more money from Sofie.

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