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As the World Turns
Recap: July 10, 2008

Today on As the World Turns, Emily panics when Margo points her gun at her and states that she can kill her right now and claim she simply fired at an intruder.

She blasts Emily for sleeping with Tom and putting her filthy hands on her son now. Emily pleads with her to drop the gun.

Casey panics to find his mother ready to shoot. Tom interrupts and grabs the weapon. He angrily demands answers from them but Margo screams at Emily to get out.

Casey threatens to leave too so Margo calls her a "whore" and as Tom stares in disbelief, a grinning Margo asks Casey if he knows that Emily charged $1,000 a night during her stint as a call girl.

Crying, Emily confirms it as Margo realizes that Casey knew this. Tom orders Emily to get out and stay away from his sons, vowing to keep her away from Daniel. Casey walks out and says he'll never be back.

Tom blasts Margo for not telling him as she claims Casey will be back because Emily can't hold on to any man.

Emily confesses all to Susan who chastises her for getting involved with a younger man. Casey arrives but Susan and Emily both order him to stay out of her life.

A frantic Mike tells Jack that he thinks Sofie was murdered.

Jack asks for proof so Mike shows him the piece of jewelry he found at Fairwinds. Jack insists that's not enough proof to get a search warrant but he accompanies Mike to Fairwinds where they interrupt Meg and Paul.

Jack asks where Sofie is but Paul calls her a liar and suggests that Mike is jealous because they got married early today.

Jack questions why they got married so quickly without her family present. He asks to take a look at the garden but Paul tells him to get a search warrant.

Meg runs to Barbara and tells her everything, admitting their concern about protecting her. Shocked, Barbara denies killing Sofie.

Meanwhile, Jack and Mike return to Fairwinds and catch Paul with a lifeless Sofie in his car's trunk. Meg and Barbara watch as Jack arrests Paul.

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