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As the World Turns
July 11, 2008

Today on As the World Turns, Liberty complains to Brad and Katie that Parker's ignoring her because Jack and Janet are now "hooking up."

When Brad reacts in anger, Katie asks why he's so upset. He convinces her to let him confront his brother and while he runs off, Katie asks Liberty about her relationship with Parker.

Brad angrily pulls Jack out of the diner and lashes out at him for sleeping with Janet. When Jack asks Janet if she told Liberty they were sleeping together, she lies that she didn't.

Back at home, Katie and Brad decide that it would be best if Janet leaves town. They confront her at the diner and hint that her sleeping with Jack is not a good example for Liberty.

She argues with them until Brad states that they are no longer going to pay for her room at the Lakeview. When a pouting Janet calls, looking for Liberty, Jack hears what happened and invites her to come stay out at the farm.

Liberty confronts Parker in his room and convinces him not to let their parents' decisions affect their relationship. Holden urges Carly to cancel tonight's dinner with Neal.

She refuses and explains that while she would rather be with him, she won't let him throw away his marriage. Neal arrives for their date but senses that she's not in the mood to be with him.

She stops him from leaving and they head to the dinner. There, a jealous Holden makes rude comments to Neal about his polo ponies in Argentina which embarrass Lily and Carly.

Carly suddenly comes up with an excuse to leave. Holden tells Lily that he was stressed out. She insists he find Neal and apologize. Neal guesses to Carly that Holden was acting jealous.

Holden arrives at Metro and is upset to hear that Neal has invited her to come to Paris with him for 2 weeks.

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As the World Turns
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