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As the World Turns
July 16, 2008
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Today on As the World Turns ...

Barbara advises Paul and Meg that while Decker's own testing shows Paul couldn't have killed Sofie, the results point to Meg.

Susan lays into Decker for showing up in Oakdale again and dumps her coffee on him in response to a rude remark from him.

Meg is next to confront the murdering doctor and he's amused that Barbara felt that she could have killed Sofie.

Paul enters and punches Decker. Margo questions the Lakeview maid who reports that she overheard Meg arguing with Sofie in her room.

Later, after she presses Lisa to admit that she heard Barbara threaten to kill Sofie, Margo questions Meg who confirms that she argued with Sofie on the last day of her life.

Meg warns that there is plenty of evidence pointing to Meg as the murderer. Paul gets a call from Dr. Schiller who reports a mixup with the sonogram results.

The two realize that Paul was the not the father of Sofie's baby and wonder if Mike knows who he may be. Cole surprises Barbara at her place and shows her the bottle of morphine, the same drug that killed "his Sofie."

He accuses her of being high on the drug when she injected Sofie and demands $100,000 for his silence. In New York, Neal takes Carly back to her hotel room where she thanks him for bringing laughter back into her life.

The two kiss but Carly then warns that she's not ready for anything more. He suggests she get a massage but as she lies in wait for the masseuse, Holden shows up instead.

He argues that he has feelings for her and eventually, the two jump into bed. Afterwards, Holden asks if she intends to go on to Paris with Neal.

She tells him to go home to Lily and make his marriage work. When Neal finds Carly packed to go home, she apologizes and admits she doesn't want to use him to get over another guy.

Guessing it's Holden, Neal admits he saw him in the bar area and promises he won't say anything. Back at home, an angry Holden confesses to Lily that he's been having an affair.

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