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As the World Turns
Thurs., July 17, 2008

Today on As the World Turns: Jack's amused when Janet panics after kissing him because Parker is upstairs and might see them.

Liberty arrives and learns that Janet is now living at the farm. When the teen asks if they're shacking up, Jack assures them both that it's a temporary situation. After the kids head upstairs to Parker's room to do homework, Janet asks Jack if that's all they are doing. He laughingly admits he saw them kissing the other day.

Outraged, Janet screams for her daughter to come downstairs. Read the riot act, Liberty gets back at Janet by assuring her mother that she will use birth control should she want to have sex. She adds that she will never have an "unwanted" child like she did and runs out.

After blasting his father for leaking their secret, Parker chases after her. Things get worse when Carly arrives and finds Janet kissing Jack. Vienna's upset when Henry leaks that they are the new part owners of Metro. He describes how their life can be better but Vienna just wants them to be together and denies having any desire to be rich.

Henry confesses this is about him as he wants his "glamor" back. Vienna accepts the idea until she discovers Bonnie helped arrange it. She walks out after complaining that he shared "intimate things" with Bonnie. Lily is outraged when Holden confesses that he's been having an affair with Carly.

Outraged, Lily demands to know where he had sex with Carly but he claims it's not important. When she asks if he's in love with Carly, Holden says he's in love with Lily and their family. He claims he wants their family to stay together but adds that he doesn't know if he can do it.

Lily kicks him out. Holden runs to Carly and admits he told Lily everything. Carly decides to go see Lily and try to explain. Out driving to clear her head, Lily ends up returning home but when she sees Carly in the driveway, she aims the car at her.

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