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As the World Turns
July 2, 2008: Recap

Today on As the World Turns:

Kim is furious when Chris shows up drunk for Tom and Margo's anniversary party. As she lays into him for being so inconsiderate, Chris suggests he didn't deserve to win the case against Alison.

He goes on to explain that he did ask Brenda to kick Alison out of the nursing program but couldn't tell the truth because he didn't want to disappoint his father.

Chris arrives at Yo's to keep drinking and runs into Alison and Aaron. He tells them he's quitting his job. Alison denies that she wanted him fired. Tom reminds Margo of how he asked her to marry him 25 years ago.

Refusing to believe Mike's claims that Sofie is pregnant, Meg insists that Paul wouldn't hide this from her.

She runs to confront Sofie and calls her a liar, too. Sofie shows her the sonogram photo as proof but Meg claims since Paul didn't tell her, she doesn't believe her.

Sofie suggests she call the doctor who will confirm that Paul was with her when she had the sonogram.

Paul is outraged to find Mike has told Meg about Sofie. Paul returns to the Lakeview where he's startled to find his mother out of breath and stumbling to explain where she's been.

He finds Sofie dazed on the floor of her hotel room, a used hypodermic needle nearby. She whispers that Meg did this to her and then dies. Paul grabs a sheet and wraps the dead body in it.

He also tries to wipe the fingerprints off everything in the room. Dumping her body in a big basket, Paul's unnerved to be caught by a maid outside the room. He gets past her and then buries Sofie's body.

At the ranch, Meg returns and Mike worries about how spaced-out she is. He offers to call Paul but she won't let him. When a dirt-covered Paul calls, Meg refuses to answer her phone. Paul then burns the sonogram photo.

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