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As the World Turns
July 21, 2008

Meg and Paul approach Mike for help trying to figure out who killed Sofie. When Mike mentions talking to Sofie's ex, he admits that he chatted with Cole.

Barbara is shocked when she finds Cole has burglarized her place. Barbara threatens to go to the police but he pulls a gun on her and forces her out of the hotel to the dark place where he's been living for weeks.

There, he demands she write a letter intrusting Paul to bring her $100,000. Barbara refuses and is disgusted to see him suddenly jab himself in the arm with a needle to inject some drugs.

He later confesses that he made Sofie pay for betraying him and she realizes he killed her. Cole admits that Sofie was carrying his baby and lied about how much money she had. Paul and Meg panic when Lisa reports she saw Barbara leave with "that awful Cole person."

After Cole delivers Barbara's letter to him at Worldwide, Mike calls Paul. Barbara calls after temporarily knocking Cole out and eventually, Paul rescues his mother, though Cole escapes.

Later, Cole pulls a gun on Meg in the drug room at the hospital. He demands drugs from her but she doesn't have the right key so he shoots her and runs. Mike spots him and grabs him as the police arrest him.

Alison is relieved when Susan reports Paul fired Rick Decker. Susan then gives her a package from her father, Larry.

When Aaron arrives, Alison opens it and finds an unsigned note about how proud of her he is she entered nursing school. She then dons a bracelet that accompanies the note.

Out for a run, Alison finds Chris at the track. He offers her a quick shoulder rub to relieve the obvious tension he sees but later, when Aaron arrives, Alison feels dizzy but blames it on overdoing it.

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As the World Turns
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