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As the World Turns
July 29 Recap

On today's As the World Turns:

Back from their shortened fishing trip, Jack insists that Parker sit and talk with him about sex. Parker refuses to tell Jack he's no longer a virgin. Meanwhile, at the diner, Janet correctly guesses that Liberty and Parker had sex and is relieved to hear that they used protection.

Janet comforts her relieved daughter and points out how difficult it will be to try and be friends again. Mentioning his fractured home life, Janet worries that Parker may end up being one of those guys who clings to her.

Later, Janet leaks Liberty's secret to a stunned Jack. After she convinces him they won't do it again, they both agree not to tell Brad for fear that he'll overreact. Katie catches Brad snooping on Liberty's computer and chastises him for taking the low road in trying to protect his daughter.

He confronts Janet and Jack at the farm and orders Janet to take back all the "sex stuff" she gave her. At school, Liberty forces Parker to chat and he admits he didn't think she would ever want to talk with him again.

She insists she does but reveals she told her mother and agreed not to have sex again. After she invites him back to Katie and Brad's place, things heat up between the two but they're interrupted by Brad who catches Parker opening a condom.

Henry panics when Vienna suggests they use the money from selling Metro back to Carly to spruce up the diner. Claiming the contract hasn't been delivered to Carly yet, Henry runs to Katie to borrow a few thousand and explains the mess he's created.

Back with Vienna's Henry's trouble grow when he gets a call that he's needed at Metro. He covers with Vienna only to be caught in the huge lie later. Janet's touched when she overhears Jack defending her to an upset Emma.

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