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As the World Turns
July 7 Episode Guide

Today on As the World Turns, Sgt. Davis tells Noah that he'll be in basic training as of tomorrow.

Luke forces his way into Noah's room but is caught and almost gets Noah kicked out before he's signed the loyalty oath.

Luke announces that he loves him but Noah won't change his mind and leaves with the two soldiers. But when the recruiter asks if he has anything he hasn't revealed, Noah admits he's gay.

Sgt. Wilkins claims that "he didn't hear that" and explains that his statement may cost him his enlistment.

Later, Luke's relieved when Noah returns and admits that he couldn't do it. Holden meets Mike's boss Neal when he stops by the farm.

Carly and Holden are embarrassed to run into each other there as Neal takes an interest in her. Carly resents it when Neal approaches her at Metro and admits he knows she's single because Holden told him.

She runs to Holden and blasts him for "pimping her out." Holden defends what he did so Carly calls Neal in front of him and confirms that she is single.

When Liberty arrives at the tennis court, Parker greets her with a kiss. Realizing Jack and Janet never showed up to bring them to the court, Liberty guesses that they slept together.

Meanwhile, Jack's astounded to wake up and realize he had sex with Janet. He tells her that he'd like to keep their night together "between them."

They both approach their kids at the tennis court and while Jack lies about "working undercover" earlier, Janet confirms Liberty's guess.

Though Janet asks her not to say anything, the teen quickly stuns Parker with the news that their parents did sleep together.

Shocked, Parker walks away.

Jack tells Janet that he expects their one-night stand to be just that, for one night. He forces her to confirm that this relationship has no strings but then she takes him back to bed.

What happens next? Find out in our As the World Turns spoilers!

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