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As the World Turns
Tuesday, July 8
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Meg wakes in a panic to find Paul gone and realizes he's been planting roses in the garden to cover the area where he buried Sofie. She insists they go to the police but he won't allow it.

Jack resents it when he finds Neal inside Carly's house and can't find out who he is. Neal eventually guesses he's Carly's ex and Carly confirms that he's her date.

Finding him worried about her friend, Lily stops Holden from going to Carly's place. Jack blasts Lily for hooking Carly up with the smooth talking guy with the British accent, insisting it's the last thing Carly needs.

Holden agrees, much to Lily's surprise but Lily claims she wanted Carly to have some fun with a nice guy. During their lunch together, Neal confides to Carly that he was married but that his wife died from breast cancer.

He accompanies her home where Carly is upset to find Jack waiting. She accuses him of wanting to catch her with Neal and kicks him out, reminding him it's none of his business.

Later, Neal thanks Holden and Lily for setting him up with Carly so Lily suggests they all have dinner together at their house. Barbara assures Mike that Sofie is gone and won't be a problem for them.

He doesn't believe her but she whispers that Sofie has been "handled." She approaches Meg and Paul at Fairwinds and insists they get married today. The two now think that Barbara may have killed Sofie and realize in her condition, she couldn't last through a trial.

Mike looks through a box of Sofie's things and ends up calling Cole's number. Cole denies knowing where Sofie is and hangs up on him.

Mike calls him back and Cole acts concerned to hear that she's missing. Mike runs to Fairwinds where he interrupts the wedding as it's about to begin and is concerned when Meg says she "needs" to do this.

As the ceremony begins, Meg can't stop staring at the newly planted roses while Mike finds a piece of Sofie's jewelry.

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