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As the World Turns
June 17, 2008
Episode Recap

On today's episode of As the World Turns, Alison tells Aaron about Chris confronting her the other day. Susan faces off with Chris in front of Bob and Susan at the diner.

She mentions the confrontation and when Kim downplays it, Susan admits she wishes she could press charges against him too.

Kim continues to insist that Chris is the injured party and accuses Susan of projecting her failures on her family.

Fighting back, Susan reveals that Kim asked her to convince Alison to drop the charges because she knows Chris is guilty.

Aaron can't believe she didn't report this to Bonnie and though she asks him to stay away from Chris, he locks Chris in a room at the hospital to give him a taste of what Alison faced.

There, Chris challenges him to a fight which spills out into the corridor where Bob and Kim are talking.

Two security guards arrest them and take them to the station house where Bob orders Chris not to press charges.

Meg, Paul and Barbara catch Sofie after she convinced a maid to let her into Barbara's hotel suite.

While she gives excuses for her appearance, Barbara becomes weak. While they tend to her, Sofie notices the medication Meg is giving her

She later calls Cole and, offering him cash, convinces him to steal morphine from the hospital.

After grabbing what he needs, Cole hides when Meg suddenly enters the supply room to stock up on items to take care of Barbara.

After giving Sofie what he took, she explains that Meg once killed one of her patients with the wrong medication.

Sofie slips back into Barbara's room and makes the switch.

Tune in to tomorrow's episode of As the World Turns!

As the World Turns
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