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As the World Turns
June 25, 2008

Today on As the World Turns, Chris tells Aaron he doesn't owe him anything. Susan almost catches Emily and Casey kissing. Bonnie gets the head of the nursing program to admit that Chris convinced her to allow Alison to take a test even after she missed it the first time.

Tom threatens to introduce the DVD but Chris stops him, much to Alison's relief. Alison denies that she had sex with Chris though she admits that they dated and that their relationship was headed that way.

On the stand, Chris tells the courtroom that she never ordered Brenda to do anything where Alison was concerned. He insists he only suggested. Touting her abilities as a future nurse, Chris admits he's sorry Brenda decided to kick her out of the program but adds that it was her decision.

As they wait to hear what the judge decides, Bonnie suggests to Alison that Chris lied about what he said to Brenda. Claiming it was Alison's poor performance that ultimately resulted in her being kicked out of the program, the judge rules in Chris' favor.

Casey wants to go back to the paper with Emily but she sends him to his family. As the Hughes' family goes out to celebrate, Alison runs into Chris and boasts that she was just tempted to turn to drugs but realized that she has changed.

However, she adds that he'll always being a liar and a loser. When Noah is handed the few things the police found in the New York harbor, he's told that his father has been declared dead.

Luke tries to offer him comfort but gets a cold shoulder again. Admitting his own troubles with his father Damian, Luke assures Noah that he's not the colonel and insists that he deserves to be loved.

Noah breaks down in his arms but then announces that he needs space. Luke promises to leave him alone.

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As the World Turns
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