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As the World Turns
Friday, June 27
Episode Recap

Today on As the World Turns ...

Liberty is surprised when Parker grabs her and kisses her.

Both are embarrassed to find Jack has entered Katie and Brad's place. Before they leave, Liberty asks Jack not to tell her mother because she will undoubtedly overreact.

At home, Jack tries to warn Parker about Liberty but Parker blurts out that if he'd stop being a cop, he might have a personal life.

Parker apologizes but Jack claims he's right, warning his son that people like Liberty have a tendency to hurt people. Parker asks him not to tell Brad and Katie.

After opening up to Henry at Metro, Katie does the same to Mike, complaining about how Janet affects Brad.

Shocked when Janet kisses him, Brad pushes her away but she kisses him once more. He pushes her away again and announces that he must have a talk with her. He tells her that he doesn't love her and never did.

She insists that he has feelings for her but Brad denies it and states that he is only in love with Katie. When she starts crying, he hugs her just as Liberty returns.

After Brad leaves, Liberty guesses Janet made her move and "blew things sky high." Jack arrives to tell her about the kiss but when he sees she's been crying, opts not to and invites her to his place.

Though Holden states they can't do this, he and Carly continue to kiss until they have sex in the summer camp cabin. Afterwards, Carly asks Holden what they do now.

He gets her to state that she's not sorry they did this. Holden responds that he's happy and that it's the first time in a long time. They're interrupted by Faith.

Guilt-ridden by her arrival, Carly writes a note and leaves. Returning home to find Jack having a beer with Janet. Katie's relieved when Brad tells her about Janet. Henry asks Mike to convince Carly to sell him Metro.

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