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As the World Turns
June 30, 2008

Today on As the World Turns, while Carly is listening to Holden's voicemail over and over, Lily welcomes Holden back with a kiss.

She then calls Carly to come take Ethan so she and Holden can be alone. But when Carly arrives and lets slip that she knows about the bracelet Faith made, Lily's surprised Holden didn't tell her Carly was there with him.

Later, Lily takes Holden to bed just after he fantasizes about making love to Carly. Afterwards, reminding him how much time they've wasted being apart, Lily invites Holden to move back in with her and the girls.

Later, when Carly returns with Ethan, Holden explains to her that he's got to tell Lily they slept together but she pleads with him not to say anything.

Sofie pushes Paul to tell Meg she's pregnant and guesses Meg will cancel the engagement once she learns the truth.

Laurel helps Meg try on wedding dresses and encourages her friend who worries that her plans with Paul may not happen.

After telling Barbara the awful truth about Sofie's pregnancy, Paul insists to Sofie that she accompany him to the hospital for her first pre-natal exam.

After Dr. Schiller confirms she's pregnant, Paul insists that she do a sonogram today to find out when the baby was conceived.

The sonogram shows Sofie that she is only 4 weeks into her pregnancy. She calls Cole to enlist his help finding a sonogram that will prove to Paul that she is carrying his child.

Later, Paul's not pleased when Sofie shows him "her" sonogram" proving her claim.

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As the World Turns
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