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As the World Turns
June 4, 2008

Today on As the World Turns ...

Fay finds Alison with Aaron and claims that everyone is talking about her getting bounced from nursing school because she wouldn't "put out" for Chris anymore.

Alison denies to Fay that she slept with Chris but Fay points out how often she was with Chris "studying." Bob catches his son talking with Brenda about Alison. Chris denies that he had any say in Alison's position in the nursing school. Brenda backs him up.

Reassured, Bob lectures Susan about getting all the facts before making accusations. Susan urges Alison to put everything behind her and move on. Alison is outraged.

After confronting Chris, Aaron warns Alison that Chris badmouthed her because he thought she wouldn't sleep with him because she was back with Aaron again.

After Maria tells Alison that Chris asked that she be removed from patient care, Alison decides to sue him. Jack arrives at Janet's hotel room and finds Brad is the person being charged with assault.

Bud insists he didn't give Janet her black eye and she reluctantly admits that it's true. Katie's outraged when Janet offers to post his bail. Liberty arrives and guesses her mother is to blame.

Janet's touched when Liberty admits she was worried about her but Liberty points out how she ruined everything. At the station house Kim warns Brad and Katie that she'll fire him if the charges against him stick.

Thanks to advice from Jack, Katie asks Bud to drop the charges and he agrees, for $10,000 and Brad's apology. But when Brad refuses to apologize, Katie privately offers Bud twice the amount and, with Jack's help, Bud takes the check.

Meanwhile, Janet tells Brad that Katie's not with him because she's with Jack. Janet then tells Jack it's obvious he still has feelings for Katie.

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