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As the World Turns
Episode Recap
May 1, 2008

Jack suggests Carly cancel the camp when Sage complains to him about Carly's decision to force her to attend a summer camp. After he tells her he wishes Lily was here to handle the camp visit for the girls, Emma admits to Holden she thinks Lily being away is bad for their marriage.

Lucinda confides to Faith that Lily will come back home today. Thrilled, Faith decides to throw a surprise welcome home party for her mother and her father though both Lucinda and Emma urge her not to expect any changes. Carly advises Holden that Sage is dead set against the camp.

Holden insists that she come to the camp with him and, as they drive, they commiserate over their ruined marriages. On the way back from the camp, Holden and Carly have car trouble, giving them more time to talk about Jack and Lily.

Holden returns to the farm and learns from his girls about Lily's imminent return. Lucinda calls Holden with some bad news. The girls are hurt to hear Lily won't be coming home after all.

Brad tells Katie that Janet swears that Liberty is his daughter. He then offers to end their marriage if she wants out because of the teen but Katie is hurt by the offer. They insist that Liberty must go to school.

When the teen refuses, Katie offers to buy her some new school clothes. Liberty admires a bracelet at Fashions and when Katie won't buy it for her, she steals it. Caught outside with the bracelet by the security guard, Liberty and Katie are embarrassed.

Lisa offers to forget about the matter but Brad insists that Liberty be arrested. In the interrogation room, Parker lectures Liberty about shoplifting. When Brad finally relents and offers to take her home, Liberty announces that she's not going anywhere with him.

Eventually, Katie gets Liberty to apologize and as they leave the station house, Liberty tells Parker she'll see him around school.

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