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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 5.13.08

Today on As the World Turns, Lily thanks Carly for taking her kids for the night so she can have Holden all to herself. Carly suggests that it's not a good idea to lie to Holden about this set up.

When Jack brings the kids, Carly works hard to keep him at the house so he doesn't spoil things at the farm. Lily offers to make dinner for Holden but when he sees the romantic setting features sushi, he claims that her idea of doing the unexpected is a bad idea for the kids.

Frustrated, Lily starts to put everything away until Holden stops her and apologizes. The dinner goes well but when Carly forgets to call to ask to have the kids spend the night, Holden insists on going over to pick them up.

However, when he arrives, Carly and Jack press him to allow the kids to spend the night camping in the backyard with her kids. Back at the farm, Holden's unaffected when he finds Lily wearing a sexy outfit.

He mentions that he found Jack at Carly's place and seems concerned about it. Lily's emotional outburst causes Holden to finally kiss her and decide he must react to fate which has brought them together tonight.

Back at Carly's, Jack figures out the evening was a setup and blasts her for lying to him again. He does decide not to call Holden. Emily's embarrassed when Casey barges into her office and catches her changing for her trip to New York.

After she finishes dressing, Casey admits she looks even "hotter" with her new outfit on. In spite of the compliment, he can't convince her to take him with her to her meeting.

On the flight, Emily can't stop thinking about him and doesn't realize until she's in front of her clients that she forget her presentation. Casey finds Emily's documents and books the next flight to the Big Apple, arriving just in time to save the day for his boss.

Afterwards, the two take an impromptu tour of Manhattan and Casey gets table for them at a top restaurant by telling the maitre'd that Emily is Angelina Jolie's sister. Later, as they admire the skyline, Casey kisses Emily passionately and she responds.

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