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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 5.19

Today on As the World Turns, Susan lectures Chris about "helping" Alison with her schoolwork. At Yo's Casey's uncomfortable when Alison tries to set him up with fellow nursing student Amy and Emily arrives and accuses him of getting even with her by going after her sister.

Casey accuses her of stalking him and claims this is none of her business. He does add Alison is setting him up with a friend. Alison wonders why Emily is so interested. Later, Alison resents it when Chris finds her at Yo's and asks why she's "blowing her chance" at being a nurse.

She reminds him that this is none of his business. When Chris won't let up, Alison claims he doesn't know anything about her and walks out on him. Casey confronts Emily at her office and accuses her of being jealous.

As they argue, things heat up and they start kissing. Janet's in a panic to discover that Brad and Katie moved out of their room at the Lakeview. Liberty isn't concerned and tries to find out where they moved to.

Brad's thrilled when Katie takes him to their new house that comes with a room for Liberty. She suggests he call his daughter to tell her but Brad puts their phones away so they can be alone. After they remove their shirts and start kissing, Katie spots Janet and Liberty staring in at them.

Janet claims she is there to make sure that her daughter isn't rejected and accuses Brad of forgetting about her. But when she realizes that they have a room for Liberty there, Janet backs off. Later, Katie points out to Brad that she thinks Janet was unaware she was making them feel guilty.

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