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As the World Turns
May 21 Episode Recap

Today on As the World Turns ...

Meg helps Barbara after she almost collapses in Old Town. Taking her back to the Lakeview, Meg urges her to get some full time help. Barbara wants to hire her and offers to get her job back for her at the hospital if she accepts. Meg agrees but only if Barbara does exactly as she's told.

Paul stops by with a check to invest in her company and advises a lovesick Sofie that this is only about business. Though Barbara tries to keep her setback from him and Meg also lies to him, Paul forces the truth out of his mother and later calls Meg to reveal his mother's scheme.

When the state police officer Lewis explains that his father may have had outside help to make his escape today, Noah worries that Ameera was kidnaped. After Lewis leaves, Luke wonders if she might have helped the colonel make his escape but Noah doesn't believe it.

Noah finds her cellphone and reads the last call was to a place in Brooklyn.

Noah decides to fly there. Chris offers to help tutor Alison but suggests they study at his place so Susan and Emily don't catch them together.

There, Alison jumps away when he reaches toward her so he urges her to get professional help and decides they shouldn't see each other anymore

Casey and Emily are all smiles after sex on her office floor until Tom knocks on her door. Casey hides behind her desk and nibbles on Emily's leg as Tom talks about summer plans for Daniel.

As Tom gets ready to leave, Emily tells him that she would be willing to hire Casey back as her assistant if he wanted the job. After Tom leaves, Emily tells Chris this can't happen anymore for fear Tom might take Daniel from her.

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