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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 5.23

Today on As the World Turns, finding Lily disappointed because the kids wanted nothing to do with the huge family breakfast she made for them, Holden warns Lily not to push Faith to forgive her for her outburst last night and decides that they should take this one day at a time.

Later, Carly suggests she try living apart from Holden. When Lily announces to Holden that she is going to take the kids and move back home without Holden, he lays into Carly for butting into his life. Complaining about her wild mother, Liberty tells Brad and Katie that she wants to live with them from now on.

Brad chokes on the idea until Liberty points out what an irresponsible mother Janet is. Hearing about her daughter's decision, Janet cries that she'll lose touch with her daughter so Brad offers to cover her costs at the hotel which causes Janet to hug him tightly as she thanks him.

Janet overhears Katie warning Brad that he's being used. Noah calls Luke from New York and reports his concern for Ameera whose last call to him was cut off. He convinces Luke to talk to Coyle for advice.

Luke meets with Coyle who claims the lead is a dead end. He warns Noah that he thinks Coyle is not to be trusted. Meanwhile, admitting he does need her help, Winston drugs Ameera and knocks her out.

He takes Cole's call and is shocked to hear Noah's in town. He also promises that their deal will take place. Realizing Vienna is tired from the long hours at the diner, Henry decides to hire a waitress.

After a 30-second interview, Vienna hires Janet but then fires her after Jack points out who she is. While Janet complains to Brad who offers to deal with Vienna, Jack warns Katie. Brad convinces Henry to hire Janet so she'll make money and be out of their hair.

Katie's outraged by the news while Liberty storms out of the diner after finding her mother working there.

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