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As the World Turns
Monday, May 26, 2008
Episode Recap

Today on As the World Turns, Bob advises Meg that a hospital board member has been urging them to re-hire Meg.

Because of a shortage and her ability, Bob makes her an offer and she accepts after failing to find out who was behind this. When Alison worries that she's losing control of her life, Aaron gets her to admit that Chris told her she needs a "shrink."

Chris confides in Bob about his regret at pushing Alison too hard in her studies. Bob assures him that she'll appreciate his help later.

Chris apologizes to Alison for his comments earlier and the two agree to keep her studies and their personal life separate. Back at work for her, Casey finds it hard to work in close contact with Emily.

When he sees how small his paycheck is, Casey explains that he took some money and is anxious to pay it back. Hearing about the cash he took from the Lakeview Bar, Emily pushes him to go tell Lisa and gives him the money to pay her back.

At the Lakeview, Casey hands Lisa the money and confesses what he did. Outraged, Lisa insists that Tom and Margo must be told. Paul urges Barbara to hire a nurse but she refuses.

When a frantic Sofie calls for help because she's not keeping up with the plans for her handmade jewelry, Barbara sends Paul who promises to keep their relationship professional.

Sophie's thrilled when Paul arrives at the studio. As she spins a story about one of her necklaces, Paul is impressed and suggests it's a great marketing idea to do this for all of her baubles.

Meg realizes that Barbara was the board person and when she stops by Fairwinds to thank her, she finds her sick and decides to stay with her. Paul returns and finds Meg asleep on the couch.

He thanks her for helping Barbara and offers her a ride home. At the farm, Meg decides to cancel the restraining order.

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