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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 5/28

Today on As the World Turns ...

Running into Meg at the Lakeview, Paul invites her to the party for Sofie's jewelry debut. When Mike lays into him for being near Meg again, she leaks she's canceled the restraining order.

Paul invites Mike to the party too. After Meg assures him it's a real date, Mike boasts to Henry about dating Meg but Henry warns him to watch out for the psychotic Paul.

Admiring the latest piece she designed for her collection, Barbara reminds Sofie that she'll be too busy talking about her jewelry to everyone to spend any time at the party with Paul.

After Carly explains that Sage backed out of the horseback riding opportunity, Holden invites her to take her place. As they ride off together, Holden's horse gets an injury so the two ride Carly's horse together.

But when the two grow closer, Holden changes his mind about meting her tomorrow for another chance for Sage to ride. Amy gives Alison the good news that she passed her latest test by the skin of her teeth.

Alison quickly calls Aaron to thank him and Meg for their help. Brenda advises Chris that while Alison passed, thanks to the fact that she cut her some slack, she doesn't think Alison has what it takes to finish the course.

Chris takes Alison out to celebrate but when they end up kissing in his bed, Alison again pulls back and puts off going any further with him. Asking if she's deliberately trying to torture him, Chris wonders how she could have sex with a stranger in front of a camera but not with him.

Holding back her tears, Alison runs out and ends up at the farm, spilling everything to Aaron. Upset by what Chris did to her, he invites her to spend the night at the farm. Meanwhile, Chris complains to Susan about her daughter and decides that he's done with her.

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