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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 5.5.08

Today on As the World Turns, Alison tells Chris he can't do this anymore. She explains that it's important to her that she becomes a nurse on her own without anyone thinking it was with the help of the son of the Chief of Staff.

Aaron offers to help Alison study for a quiz about "drip factors" by calling Meg for information. She thanks him but resents his lecture about who she dates when he reminds her what Chris did to her the last time they were together.

As Aaron watches, Alison accepts Chris' dinner invitation. Brad worries to Katie how she'll feel if it turns out that he is Liberty's father. Liberty drags a reluctant Parker out of school and he's surprised when he has a good time with her while being truant from his Western Civics class.

Hearing a tip on some stolen manuscripts, Casey tells Emily that this is his story to cover at the university. Stopping by the station house to find out all she can about the manuscripts, Emily is foiled by Margo who tells her a story about the prostitutes they arrest.

Casey confronts Elwood who claims he never wrote to him in prison because his family wouldn't allow him to have any contact with him. He threatens to reveal Elwood's relationship with a hooker if he doesn't give him information about the stolen papers.

Elwood slips into the Hughes' house and puts the manuscript into Casey's backpack where it is discovered by Margo who assumes Casey stole it. Susan calls Brad and Katie to the hospital where she reveals the DNA test results show Liberty is his daughter.

They catch Liberty and Parker out of school and then take her to the diner where he reveals that he is Liberty's father.

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As the World Turns
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