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As the World Turns
May 6, 2008 Recap

Today on As the World Turns,

Casey insists to Margo and Tom that someone is trying to set him up. When Margo suspects that he did this himself to "score some points" at work, an outraged, Casey dares her to arrest him.

He then confronts Elwood about planting the stolen manuscript. Elwood plays dumb and threatens to call Casey's parole officer if he doesn't leave him alone. Casey runs to update Emily who uses a contact to get a lead at a local rare book store.

There, Margo catches Casey asking about the manuscripts and assumes he's guilty. He spots Elwood approaching, grabs him and finds the rest of the valuable papers.

As Elwood is arrested, Casey points out that Emily believed his story but Margo didn't.

An upset Ameera takes a phone call from the warden and tells the guys that Noah's father wants to see her. Noah confronts his father himself and announces that he's married to Ameera.

The colonel congratulates him and suggests they try to reestablish their relationship. Noah refuses and demands to know what he wants with Ameera.

The colonel won't tell him. Later, Noah leaks to Luke and Ameera that he told his father about their scheme. Later, Ameera calls Winston and assures him that she is still "his girl" and that he can trust her. At the hospital Chris is salivating when he finds Alison dressed up for their dinner.

She announces that she doesn't care what people think about their relationship. At dinner, Alison decides she'd rather eat upstairs but after they hop into bed and go over her anatomy as "practice" for her nursing course, Alison suddenly stops and hops out of bed, proclaiming that she can't do this.

She apologizes but he insists he'll wait until she's ready. Later, she tries to sneak out of his room, embarrassed over what has happened but he catches her.

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