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Brad and Katie tell Margo that Spencer is alive and in Chicago. Margo questions Katie and guesses it's a ploy to keep Brad out of jail.

Brad seeks Henry's special help and asks him to use his contacts in Chicago to find Spencer. Henry reluctantly agrees but later gets assurances from Dani that she saw Spencer at her autopsy.

When Brad asks if she believes him, Katie admits that she does but wonders if what he saw is real. Henry calls with a lead for them, promising to get back to them with Spencer's brother's whereabouts.

Katie's excited but then receives an anonymous email asking her to back off from the investigation. Spencer calls Dani and admits that she made a mistake to allow Brad to see her.

She promises her that it won't happen again. Josie stops by Dusty's room to use his computer to try to find out anything about her mysterious past.

He reveals that he already read a detective's report on Josie and learned nothing. Offering a plan to get rid of Josie, Emily tells Paul to offer her a million dollars to leave town so that Dusty can hear her accept the bribe.

Paul reluctantly agrees but when he does as ordered, Josie slaps Paul which a nearby Dusty notices. As Dusty confronts Paul, Josie blasts Emily and Paul for their past actions against them.

Paul and Emily are stunned that she knows this and as Dusty denies he told her, Josie runs off.

Dusty finds her later at Jennifer's grave where she confesses that she has always felt a connection to her.

Dusty responds that he's felt the same way about her.

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As the World Turns
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