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Lucinda reveals that she not only scheduled her surgery for today but also asked for total breast removal, not just a lumpectomy. Brian lectures Luke about helping his grandmother and protecting his own health.

At the hospital Luke's encouraged when Noah arrives with flowers for Lucinda but then devastated when he walks out. As Lucinda sleeps afterwards, Brian sends Lily and Holden home to the kids.

Lucinda wakes and asks Brian to marry her. Urged to wait until the drugs have worn off, she presses him until he accepts.

Jack picks up Sage from school and takes her for ice cream in hopes that he can get her to admit she's lying about Janet hitting her.

His plan fails though as Sage offers one example after another about lies that have helped keep Carly and Jack together.

Furious that Jack took their daughter, Carly eventually retrieves her daughter and threatens to file kidnaping charges.

Jack later apologizes to Carly but asks her to reconsider making Sage chose between parents. Unimpressed, Carly lashes out at him again.

Shocked to hear he hasn't told his parents he's been expelled from college, Alison urges Casey to find a job.

When he tries to kiss her and learns he's attracted to her, she explains her fear that he'll ruin the only relationship with a guy that she has.

He agrees to be friends and takes her to Yo's.

There, they find Luke drunk. A fight erupts and they all get tossed out. Unable to stop Luke from leaving, they call Noah for help.

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