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Josie likes the idea of going somewhere with Dusty, and he reacts when she mentions her feeling that something happened to her in Tampa. Dusty says Jennifer was there and convinces her to join him en route to Florida.

When they arrive, Dusty checks them into the same hotel where he and Jennifer once stayed.

At the hotel bar, Dusty's further affected when Josie picks out the same song on the karaoke machine that Jennifer once sang to him.

Confessing that she is the first woman with whom he's able to relax since Jennifer died, Dusty takes her upstairs where they have sex.

Looking at the latest sonogram, Meg and Paul laugh when they learn they're having a girl. When they tell Emma that Meg is moving back into Fairwinds, she tells Paul she doesn't test him but will once again give him the benefit of the doubt.

Emma invites them both to the farm for Thanksgiving.

Katie insists that Henry cancel the meeting with Spencer's brother but Brad contacts him later and decides to take the meeting anyway.

He learns that her "brother" is actually an actor hired "by some guy" to deliver a package to Spencer at the Lakeview.

Katie finds out Brad lied to her and is outraged by his dishonesty.

Dani searches Henry's room and finds the scarf used to "kill" Spencer. Henry calls and reveals that he's been arrested.

Katie and Brad finally admit to Dani that someone has been contacting them via the Internet.

When they go home to retrieve it, they find another message on the screen, warning that Brad will be next if they tell anyone about the messages.

As she sends Henry to lockup, Dani takes a call from a mystery person and claims she can hold him as long as she wants.

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