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Casey remarks that while he can't vote in the school election, he just voted in the national election. Noah and Luke are disgusted at Kevin offering free mini-kegs of beer in exchange for votes.

Kevin denies that he's doing anything illegal and urges Luke to make a concession speech. Noah urges him to be proud of his failed campaign.

Casey suggests that Luke stuff the ballot boxes with phoney votes printed up by fellow student Joe. Though Luke turns down the idea, Casey pushes him to win at any cost. Alison blasts Casey for suggesting such a thing.

Noah is stunned that Luke would consider this and lectures him about doing the right thing. But when he sees Kevin's friends celebrating, Luke gives Joe the okay to uses the fake ballots.

Later, Joe announces that Luke has won but as he stares at a morose Noah, Luke realizes his victory is empty. At WOAK Kim sends Spencer home and then confronts Brad about what happened in Chicago.

He's outraged to learn that Spencer is accusing him of trying to force himself on her and tells his version of what happened.

He urges Kim to fire Spencer for fear of more trouble but Kim orders him to stay away from Spencer or he'll be out of a job.

Instead, Brad confronts her at her room at the Lakeview and demands that she go tell Kim the truth.

As they argue, he accidentally rips her dress. Laughing after Brad leaves, Spencer then calls Margo and, as Katie listens, lies that Brad attacked her. Katie confronts Brad about making yet another bad decision.

Hearing what he did, Kim fires Brad.

As he sulks, Spencer calls and apologizes, asking him to meet her at the Lakeview bar. When she doesn't show, he finds her door unlocked and then sees her lying motionless on her bed.

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