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Bringing her roses, Jack tells Janet that Sage set him up to find her with her ex. Brad leans over Spencer and finds she has no pulse.

After Katie leaks to Margo that Brad may be with Spencer, Brad calls and reports that "she's dead."

Avoiding Margo's curiosity about the call, Katie slips over to the Lakeview hotel room where she stares at Spencer's body on the bed.

Margo follows Katie and barges in, gun drawn.

At the station house, Margo questions Brad while Jack tends to an upset Katie who denies her husband was having an affair.

Dani returns with a hastily completed ballistics report that reveals that Brad's fingerprints are all over the room and that Spencer's time of death matches when Brad is seen on video at the Lakeview bar and heading to the elevator.

As Carly secretly listens, Liberty confronts Parker and accuses him of trying to ruin her mother's engagement.

When Parker won't admit it, she storms off leaving Carly to confront her son. She accuses him of wanting to end the engagement so he can be with Liberty.

Parker passes her as Janet arrives to accuse Carly of masterminding her children's schemes. Parker admits to Liberty that he did help Sage sabotage her mother.

Not surprised, she warns him that they will never be anything but friends. Lily finds her mother at the hospital but when she greets her, Lucinda walks away without saying anything.

Lily follows her back to the foundation boardroom where Brian welcomes her. Lucinda refuses to answer Lily's questions. After she leaves, Brian demands that Lucinda tell him what's wrong and learns that her cancer has returned.

He vows to help her beat this. Lily stops Carly from running to explain things to Jack for fear she'll look worse.

Grateful for her advice and sharing a drink at the bar, Carly guesses they're friends again but Lily denies it.

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