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Katie convinces Kim to let her go on the air and tell their fans about Brad. Katie breaks down in tears so Kim jumps in and offers her support, then gets a request to email someone if she wants help.

As Katie responds, someone send her an instant message offering to get Brad out of jail in exchange for a favor in the future.

When Katie writes back, asking why she should trust them, the mystery person tells her that she really has no choice. Katie nervously accepts the offer.

Tom warns Brad that there is plenty of circumstantial evidence.

Margo interrupts and ends up arguing with Tom, especially after he invites her to "forget" to tell the judge at the bail hearing about Henry and Vienna's antics.

Dani brings in the coroner's report but when they stop by the morgue, they discover Spencer's body is gone.

Jack checks the evidence for the case and discovers that it's missing too so Tom forces Margo to release Brad.

Later at home, Katie is thrilled when Brad returns. Liberty lays into her mom for hiding Brad's arrest from her and then chastises Jack for stating that he can't do anything to help her father.

When she complains that his dad's not helping, Parker wishes there was something he could do to help her. After she turns down an invitation from her new friend Van, Parker takes her home for hot chocolate.

There, the two have a whipped cream fight which gets her laughing. Janet thanks Parker for his support and spends time with her daughter after Parker leaves.

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