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Katie confides in Kim that Spencer is interested in Brad. Brad returns to the studio with Spencer who offers Katie some sesame chicken.

Just before the show, Katie becomes violently ill so Kim suggests that Spencer take her place on the live version of Katie and Brad's show.

As Liberty joins Katie in the bedroom, the two watch Spencer flirting with Brad during their live show.

Katie fumes and Liberty guesses she has "the hots" for him.

Spencer convinces Brad to come out for a beer with her to celebrate while Liberty takes Katie to the hospital. There, Katie asks Liberty to retrieve the Chinese food container she threw out earlier.

Katie later advises Brad she thinks Spencer poisoned her though Liberty can't find the leftovers. Sage leaks to Carly that Jack dumped Janet.

When a depressed Janet calls for her help, Carly agrees to do what she can and surprises Jack in the movie theater. There, she convinces him it's too nice a day to be inside and takes him for a walk.

When they end up near some water, he reminds her that she saved his life. Stopping him, she assures him that a relationship between them is not going to work and insists she'll be able to ignore any feelings she has for him.

She pushes him into the water and walks off.

Upset, Jack chases her home where she invites him to get out of his wet clothes. As they hop upstairs to have sex, Janet arrives with the apple pie she originally made for Jack.

After Carly runs upstairs to warn Jack, Janet guesses she has a man upstairs and asks if it's Jack. Carly lies that she's alone. Later, Jack stops by the diner to see Janet.

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