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Katie insists to Brad that she knows the new gal tried to poison her. Brad doesn't believe her but then backs off. Henry interrupts and downplays Katie's concern.

He reluctantly agrees to drive her to the studio where Spencer catches her snooping in the garbage can for remnants from the take out meal.

Later, Katie explains to Brad why she's jealous. He tells her that there is no one else for him but her. Meanwhile, Vienna and Henry break into Spencer's room at the Lakeview.

Though they find a locked suitcase, Spencer's arrival forces them to put it back unopened. After Janet confesses that she thought he was upstairs with Carly, Jack admits that he was but assures her it wasn't anything planned.

Though he insists nothing happened, Janet asks if he would have slept with Carly if she hadn't rung the doorbell.

Jack claims he was up there because he misses what he used to be.

Janet announces that she deserves better than being his consolation prize. When Vienna calls to ask her to take the diner deposit to the bank, Janet grabs the cash and runs out.

She angrily confronts Carly who accuses Janet of taunting her that she can sleep with Jack. Calming down, Carly tells her that Janet is better for Jack and that she wants them to be together.

Parker asks his mother about finding Jack's watch up in her bedroom. She assures him that they are over so Parker confronts Jack at the farm.

When Jack admits that he doesn't know what he is doing, Parker suggests that he stay away until he does know. Carly arrives and after Parker leaves, she and Jack decide they are not back together.

Just as Janet realizes she forgot to go to the bank, a mystery man grabs her from behind and takes the cash, her purse and her ring.

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