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Janet calls Henry to apologize again. Jack finds out the truth from Henry and realizes his gaff. He vows to find the mugger and follows a lead on Crystal, a long-time hooker.

Bursting into her room, Jack grabs Lester from bed and insists on taking the ring her "john" gave to her earlier. But when he drags Lester downstairs, he finds Dallas waiting, thanks to a call from the desk clerk Jack roughed up.

Dallas then lectures him that he may have ruined any chance of prosecuting Lester.

Jack asks him for an hour to sew up the case for him and convinces Janet to come down to the station house where she identifies her attacker. Dallas asks Jack to decide whether he is going to be a cop or not.

Back at her place, Jack assures Janet that she is important to him.

The two go up to bed. As they talk about their agreement to work together, Emily panics when Paul notices Dusty has arrived.

To protect their plan, Dusty suddenly lets loose with a tirade, ordering Emily to stay away from Meg.

Dusty steps up to defend Emily so Paul accuses him of sending her to contact Meg. Pointing out board members are concerned by Paul's outrageous decisions and that the stress can't be good for her pregnancy, Lucinda warns Meg to keep Paul in control.

Meg then convinces Paul to consider selling the business so he'll not miss a moment of their child's life. Paul runs to Lucinda and asks her to buy him out. Brian urges Lucinda not to buy.

When she tells Dusty, he offers to set up a dummy corporation and buy it himself. Dusty boasts to Emily about his scheme and swears her to secrecy.

Instead, she secretly calls Paul and stuns him with what she's learned.

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