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Emily insists that Dusty and Meg did not conspire against Paul. Bonnie lays into Derek for disappearing and not calling her.

Derek tells her that she doesn't really know him.

She insists that's not her fault. He confesses that he met James in prison and later, after he was out, James blackmailed him into working for him.

Derek blurts out that Bonnie deserves better than him.

Emily spots Paul meeting with Derek as Paul offers him cash to plant drugs on Dusty. When he hesitates, Paul roughly points out that Derek owes him. Emily demands that Paul "call him off" or she'll tell Dusty.

He calls her bluff.

Derek, meanwhile, runs to Fairwinds and tells Meg what Paul just asked, offering her the cash as proof.

When she shows Paul the money, he claims Derek is a liar but she blasts him for hiring Derek and announces that she is done with him.

She packs a bag and walks out. A vision of James encourages Paul to get rid of Dusty. Lily lays into Dusty after she finds him behind the desk at Worldwide.

Though he defends his decision to buy Lucinda's company, Lily points out that his claim that he's going to search for Johnny clashes with his decision to stay in Oakdale.

Back at home, Lily assures Holden that Dusty is not a threat but Holden decides to have a little chat with his wife's former lover.

He accuses him of buying the company to stay close to Lily but Dusty insists he actually did it to protect Meg who called him for help. He urges him to stop worrying about him and concentrate on his marriage.

Back with Lily, Holden tells his wife they need to forget about the past and trust each other if they want to make their marriage work.

She agrees so he promises to take the first step.

Admitting that he did the right thing earlier and feels good about it, Derek convinces Bonnie to give him a second chance.

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