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Carly makes her presence known and interrupts the proposal. Jack backs away from Janet and Carly claims she doesn't belong there.

After Carly finally enters a nearby store, Janet stops Jack from continuing and leaves, telling him she'll think about his offer.

Later, Jack accuses Carly of following him but she advises him to be more romantic with his proposal. Jack asks her to butt out.

Holden keeps Paul from meeting with a worried Meg.

Emily tries to invite herself to accompany Dusty on his business trip to New York but he coldly tells her to stay in Oakdale.

He claims that he's still not over Jennifer and though she insists she understands, she doesn't. Hearing about his fallout with Meg, Emily suggests Paul pretend to get help as Meg has demanded.

Before going to the airport, Dusty decides to check on Meg.

He finds her in pain and rushes her to the hospital. There, Emily distracts Dusty so Paul can see Meg. His plan falls apart when Meg blames her cramping on him.

Janet gives Liberty the good and the bad news about the marriage proposal. Carly opens up to Holden about Jack's marriage proposal.

He warns her that he can tell she's still in love with Jack and points out that he knows she always gets what she wants.

Calling it "classic Carly," Margo disagrees with Jack who insists Carly is done with him. After Jack calls to invite Janet to the Lakeview, Carly stops by to apologize to Janet.

Janet breaks out in hives so Carly leaves.

Taking some medication, Janet falls asleep. Meanwhile, Carly heads to the Lakeview where she surprises Jack with a bottle of champagne.

She offers to stick around and make sure he's romantic enough for Janet but he asks that she leave.

Just then, Liberty calls to explains what happened to her mother and asks him to wait for her to wake.

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