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Henry spies Spencer by the diner, talking with a stranger assures her she'll have "it" soon. Katie and Brad are still not talking, while Janet convinces Brad to attend a celebration lunch with her, Jack and Katie.

Jack warns Katie that she's making a big mistake allowing her fears about Spencer to interfere with her marriage.

He insists that she attend the lunch too.

Before she does, an anxious Henry approaches her at the Lakeview about Spencer. She asks him to forget about her but as they argue, Henry spots Spencer's mystery man delivering a package for Spencer to the desk clerk.

As Brad goes off with Katie, Henry takes the package and finds a music box inside. After he drops it, Spencer finds him with her grandmother's broken music box and quickly accuses a nearby Katie of being responsible for its destruction.

Henry defends his snooping but a pouting Spencer claims the mystery man is her brother. Henry assures Brad that Katie told him not to do this.

Meg warns Dusty to stay away for fear that Paul will be upset further and mentions that Paul tried to hire Derek to plant drugs on him.

Later, Dusty approaches Derek and offers to hire him to protect Meg. Holding a handgun, Paul tells Emily that he knows how to handle Dusty now.

Scared, Emily warns him that he's making a mistake.

Paul considers her logic but then another vision of James convinces him he's doing the right thing. He heads to the Lakeview where a psychic warns him that his plan is doomed to fail.

Confronting Dusty at Worldwide with Emily, Paul apologizes. After he leaves, Dusty assures Emily he doesn't believe anything Paul says.

He also advises Emily that they can only be friends.

Later, the psychic advises Dusty that he needs to concentrate on his wife who may not be dead. Paul brings flowers for Meg and asks Derek to give them to her along with a promise to get better.

He confides to his vision of James that he knows how to handle Dusty.

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