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Margo chastises to rookies for arresting a couple of kids, while Mark and his masked cronies take a frightened Alison back to the dorm. They demand she put on a show for them - NOW.

Sobering up because he can't find Alison, Casey confronts Kevin who denies knowing where she is. Casey finds a frightened Alison and, after hearing what happened, guesses that her kidnappers were Kevin's "boys."

Insisting he not tell Margo, she convinces him to take her back to Slaughter dorm so she can try and find out who did this to her.

Recognizing the music playing, Alison directs him to Mark's dorm room where Casey starts punching.

A campus security guard arrests him and takes them both to the station house where Margo is disgusted to hear what happened.

Mark insists on pressing charges so Margo's forced to put her son behind bars again. Jack and Janet stun Carly with the news that they're engaged and Janet claims it's due to Carly.

The two then bring Sage and Parker in to give them their good news.

Janet tries to assure Sage that she will make her father happy but the girl is unimpressed. Later, while helping in the kitchen, Sage finds Janet's engagement ring and takes it.

Though Liberty admits that she likes the idea of being a part of the family once her mother and his father marry, Parker is upset because it means the end of their relationship.

Janet panics after Liberty realizes her ring is gone. She reluctantly tells Jack who helps look for the ring.

Having discovered what her daughter was doing, Carly arrives with the jewelry and claims she found it in the kitchen.

She watches as Janet asks Jack to place it back on her finger. Back at home Parker accuses Carly of lying about accepting Jack's engagement.

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