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Emily forces Alison to tell her about the attack and how she was trying to help Luke's campaign. Margo explains to her son that if they can get the charge dropped to a misdemeanor, he won't go back to prison.

Mark arrives and gives his statement.

As Margo questions him, Emily interrupts and accuses her of not doing all she can to find Alison's attackers. After coaching Alison to lie that she might be able to recognize his voice, Margo brings her in to face Mark who panics and drops the charges.

Luke lays into Kevin for Alison's kidnaping but Kevin knowing anything about it. He also points out that Luke "pimped out" his own friend to spy on him. Luke apologizes and asks if they can campaign the "right way."

Kevin suggests he drop out and accuses him of running just to beat him, not for any of the important issues.

Luke considers dropping out of the race but Casey and Alison insist he continue even after Luke warns that Casey has been suspended from school.

Warning he did a stupid thing with Alison, Kevin asks Mark to end the dirty tricks but Mark claims things get ugly in politics.

Confronting her at the hospital, Paul tells Meg he likes the idea she has Derek as her bodyguard. He claims he just had a session with Dr. Michaels and thins he'll stick with the therapy.

Impressed, she invites him to her ultrasound.

Dusty confronts the psychic at the Lakeview and though she claims Lisa hired her for the Halloween holiday, he orders her to tell Paul that he's onto him.

Dusty confronts Paul at the hospital and lets Meg know about the psychic. Paul admits he knows the woman but explains that she gave him a message too. Hearing his explanation, Meg warns Paul to back off without proof.

Later, Emily confirms for Dusty that Lisa hired the psychic. Holding her wedding band, Dusty remembers kissing Jennifer.

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