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Dusty takes Emily upstairs to talk about her feelings. A Stenbeck family bible is delivered to his room accompanied by a letter in Swedish.

After discussing Gunnar and the idea that Dusty may be a Stenbeck heir, he explains that James looted the estate years ago and puts down the bible.

Emily takes the bible to Vienna for translation.

Vienna discovers the Stenbeck are Swedish royalty. The note instructs Dusty to contact Mr. Bergman in Stockholm so she runs back to tell Dusty.

His hands bound to the hospital bed, Paul angrily demands that Meg untie his hands but she urges him to calm down or they'll ask her to leave.

While she is gone for a moment, a vision of James urges Paul to act normal in order to be released. Meg returns with Bob and asks the doctor to release him in her custody.

Meg takes him home to Fairwinds where Paul goes berserk to find Dusty.

When Sage badmouths Janet as her father's new girlfriend, Carly convinces the girl to give Janet a chance.

Jack surprises them at a nearby apple orchard as the gals decide to do some picking. Sage is pleased to see her parents having fun together.

Encouraged by Vienna, Janet approaches Margo and urges her to rehire Jack, admitting that she was the person who destroyed the evidence in Leo's case.

When she returns to the farm and finds Jack with Carly and Sage, Janet asks Carly again if she wants her husband back.

Carly assures her she doesn't and loudly resents that Janet doesn't believe her. Just then, Margo calls Jack and asks him to come see her.

He turns down her request to come back to work and lays into Janet for speaking to Margo.

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