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Casey opens up to Margo about how much he was hurt by Emily. Meg thanks Dusty for taking care of their problem. Susan orders Dusty to stay away from Emily or she might have to kill him for real.

Paul asks Lucinda to convince the board he'll pay back the money he took from Worldwide but she points out the money was paid back with a transfer from the Cayman Islands this morning.

After Barbara denies paying the money, Paul calls Meg and updates her on the payment. Meg plays dumb and urges him to forget about it but he announces that he won't rest until he finds out who paid the money.

Alison hugs Dusty tightly and, admitting how happy she is to see him, thanks him for paying for her nursing school tuition.

After Dusty leaves, Alison finds his medication left behind so Emily offers to take the package to him. On the way, Paul stops her and asks who paid the money he owed.

When he threatens to fire her, she angrily tells him to ask his wife. Meg confesses to Paul what Dusty did and is surprised he's not upset.

He's curious when Meg leaks that Paul hired "global detectives" to conduct a search for Johnny. A vision of James convinces him to search Meg's purse where he finds a phone number for the investigators.

Bringing him his medications, Emily hops into bed with Dusty.

Aaron confides in Holden that Alison slept with Chris the day of their wedding rehearsal. Holden asks him if he wants her back and urges him to give this some thought.

Aaron insists on meeting Alison and tells her that he loves her too much to give up on their relationship. She counters that she is tired of hurting him and tells him that it's over.

Margo turns to Holden for help making Dusty pay for what he did and wonders why he would protect him. Margo then questions Lucinda about Dusty's phony death.

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