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Mike catches Paul working a backhoe and chastises him. Paul claims he's just trying to help.

Paul returns to the dig site and falls into a hole.

Mike warns Meg about the structural damage now uncovered at the site.

Henry uses a knife to bang on a pipe in hopes of bringing help to the wine cellar. Worried about Henry, Vienna rudely asks Derek if he's a thug and seeks his help finding Henry at the nearest blackjack game.

Bonnie tries to apologize but Derek admits he knows where there might be a few games in town. He invites Bonnie to accompany them so they can go out afterwards.

He escorts them into a warehouse and later, they discover they've been locked inside. After finding evidence is missing from Leo's case, Margo calls Jack to the station house.

Janet calls Brad to warn him about the call but he's unconcerned.

As Carly and Dallas listen, Margo presses Jack to tell her what he knows about the papers missing from Leo's file.

Jack plays dumb and claims to know nothing about it.

As Margo stews, Carly privately accuses Jack of lying but he denies it and sends her on her way.

She confronts Brad and Katie and when Brad gives her a hard time, Carly vows to find out what's going on.

While Katie worries they've made a mistake, Jack confides in Janet about Margo but she insists it's the best thing for everyone.

Warning that Jack's a very honest man, Carly tells Janet that she'll ruin her relationship with Jack if he's forced to betray his own ethics.

Margo's astounded when Brad won't allow her to question Liberty nor will he allow her to testify.

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