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Aaron promises Allison they'll have a real honeymoon soon.

While Aaron hops into the shower, Allison lets the dog in and Chris is close behind. Aaron finds Chris in the "honeymoon suite" and lashes out at him for stalking his new wife.

After he leaves, Allison assures Aaron that he's the only man she wants and takes him to bed to have sex for the first time as husband and wife.

Afterwards, she's taken aback when Aaron asks about having a baby.

He then surprises her by revealing he's arranged a real honeymoon for them and got her some time off from Bob.

Meanwhile, hearing he's "sick," Dani brings Chris chicken soup and is disappointed when his little dog wants nothing to do with her.

Small talk leads to kissing but when Chris finally opts to hop into bed with her, she backs away and claims he's still too hung up on Allison.

He agrees, admitting he doesn't want to use her. As she leaves, Dani kisses him goodbye and is unaware Allison has seen them.

Jack advises Margo that he destroyed the evidence in Leo's case and will save her the trouble of suspending him by resigning.

Margo presses him for a reason but Jack won't talk so Margo guesses he's doing this to protect Brad.

Later, Jack sadly tells Janet and Carly that he resigned. Janet offers to confess but then walks out after Jack asks for time away from her.

Faith and Natalie tell Lily and Holden that they haven't seen Nathan for about 15 minutes.

Lily wonders if he might have gone to the farm to see a new calf but after they fail to find the boy there, Holden and Lily blame each other for what's happened. Holden calls Jack for help but when he arrives with Carly, Lily orders her to leave.

Holden and Jack insist they need everyone's help. After Margo arrives, Carly and Jack head to the dig site and find the huge pit with Ethan's shoe nearby.

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