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Janet tells Brad that Jack resigned from the force because of him. Brad doesn't believe her and then refuses to accept the blame.

Janet tells them both that this is not Jack's fault.

Kim overhears them arguing and Brad and Katie are forced to cover when she hears Janet point out he tossed someone in the reservoir.

Holden and Lily find Carly and Jack at the dig site holding Ethan's shoe. Lily starts crying until they hear Ethan call out for her from down the hole.

Though Carly insists she's trying to help, Lily asks her to leave.

Carly heads to the farmhouse and asks Emma to come help. Hearing about the accident, Katie and Brad arrive with a camera crew.

There, Jack confirms that he resigned and tells them to get a statement from Dallas. Brad gives Jack grief for quitting but Jack asks him to leave him alone.

Still held captive in the Fairwinds wine cellar, Henry demands that James and Derek tell him what they've done to Bonnie and Vienna but they won't talk.

Left locked up, Henry uses the hidden knife to loosen a rock from the wall so he can make his escape. He has temporary success until Derek catches him upstairs.

Frustrated when they're unable to escape from the locked warehouse, Bonnie and Vienna start fighting but then realize they need to huddle together to stay warm.

Bonnie gets the upper hand and knocks Vienna to the ground. Upstairs, Meg shows Paul the ultrasound of their baby. While she goes to rest, Paul heads to the dig site where he learns of the accident.

Back at Fairwinds, he angrily blames James who is unimpressed and orders him to go back and keep digging for the hidden gold.

He's forced to bring Meg who watches as Mike blames him for putting Ethan in danger. When Mike prepares to climb down the pit, Holden insists he'll rescue his son.

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