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Holden and Lily wake and join Mike at the entrance to the hole where they discover Paul. Meg arrives and is shocked to hear that Paul is in the pit, trying to rescue Ethan.

Warned by James about Paul's heroics, Barbara also rushes to the accident site. Lily and Holden are relieved when Mike uses a winch to life Ethan out of the hole.

As a rescue worker confirms Ethan is physically fine, the ground starts to rumble and part of the wall falls to the bottom, partially covering Paul who assures them he is fine.

Mike worries that the ground is so unstable that they won't be able to rescue him. Paul orders Meg to go back to Fairwinds where she finds James who offers to save Paul in exchange for her baby.

Bonnie and Vienna wake up still locked inside the warehouse and recoil in horror as they realize that they huddled together under a makeshift blanket overnight.

Promising not to tell anyone, the two start searching for something to eat. Meanwhile, Derek takes a call and releases a relieved Henry and tells him that Bonnie and Vienna can be set free too.

When he arrives at the warehouse and finds them locked behind a door, Henry uses a homemade gas bomb to blow the door open.

Though the explosion works, he's knocked out by the resulting debris. Derek arrives and insists on taking them to the hospital where he tells Bonnie he never had a choice about what he was doing.

Alison and Aaron return from their short honeymoon and are relieved to hear Ethan is safe. While Chris chats with Holden about his son, Alison notices that Ethan has stopped breathing and calls Chris.

Everyone is relieved when Chris reports Ethan is fine. Following James' directions, Derek finds Paul in the hole.

When the ground collapses, everyone fears that Paul is dead. At Fairwinds, Paul arrives and discovers that Meg is gone.

What happens next? Tune in next week to As the World Turns!

As the World Turns
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