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Janet brings a gift as an apology to Carly and Jack but he sends her away since he intends to stay with his family tonight.

Carly later urges Jack to go to Janet.

He does and tells her that he wants to make their relationship work but she doesn't know if that's possible.

Brad manages to find Leo under the water at the reservoir and pulls him ashore.

After calling for an ambulance, he performs CPR and eventually gets Leo breathing again, hiding as the ambulance arrives and takes him away.

Dallas calls Jack to let him know that Leo was brought to the hospital. Janet is suspicious when she runs into a waterlogged Brad who refuses to tell her anything.

Katie's concerned when she learns that Brad wanted Leo's home phone number. Jack tells Katie, Brad and Janet that Leo is in a coma.

Brad lies to Jack that he didn't go looking for Leo after he found out he was the person who attacked Liberty. Katie forces the truth from Brad and tells her husband that they need to tell Jack what happened.

Brad rushes to the hospital and Carly overhears him apologizing to an unconscious Leo. Katie pleads with Jack to help Brad do the right thing but Janet overhears and begs them instead to protect Brad.

Liberty calls Parker and apologizes. When Decker kidnaps Barbara and forces her to call her son, Paul orders James to get out and then offers to sell Worldwide back to a suspicious Lucinda.

She turns down the offer. Back at Fairwinds, Barbara is taken aback to hear James' voice.

He seeks her help convincing their son to accept his help. Barbara won't do it but when Paul asks what he wants in return, James tells Paul he just wants him to hide him for awhile.

After a disgusted Barbara leaves, James hands Paul a map showing him where the money is buried out at the Snyder farm.

As James calls it a gold mine buried out there, Paul realizes that James is responsible for contaminating the land to keep everyone from his money.

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